What To Expect

My Approach

As a therapist trained in couple and family work, I understand the importance of addressing each issue systemically. Problems do not occur in isolation, and problems are often the result of one system negatively impacting another. By identifying and addressing the impacts of various people and places involved in a problem, my clients are able to create the most lasting and fundamental change.

In addition to a systemic approach, I utilize the most current evidence based practices and assessments to gather data and monitor client outcomes. This dual approach to therapy helps me to provide the most individualized and comprehensive therapy for each of my clients.

To get a better understanding of the way I do therapy, please feel free to listen to this 45-minute podcast where I was interviewed about workplace burnout in the technology industry!

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Individual therapy is a great way to address issues related to anxiety, depression, relationship distress, loneliness, lack of motivation, and similar struggles. It is my passion to work with men and women of all ages to gain insight into their struggles and develop strategies for career and family success.


Many careers today are very demanding of time and energy, which puts a lot of stress on relationships. This relationship stress is often compounded by struggles in communication and difficulty regulating emotions.

In couple therapy, I work with you to develop and strengthen a healthy relationship that can endure both career and family stressors.


In family therapy I work with the entire family to help deal with both daily struggles and possible long-term difficulties associated with high stress and long workdays. This combination often leads to arguments, disruptive behaviors and ultimately, damaged relationships. I enjoy working with families to address these frustrations and to begin to rebuild and strengthen the family.

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