About Me

Jeffrey Liebert, M.A., LMFT, MBA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

It is my passion to work with people struggling with issues related to anxiety, depression, and motivation in the workplace.

It can be incredibly rewarding to finally complete a project after numerous all-nighters and weeks, or even months, of hard work. Unfortunately, what is usually not considered with this work-intensive lifestyle are the consequences associated with working under so much stress. After enough time, this lifestyle can take a toll on work efficiency, emotional stability, and an ability to work effectively as a team.

Often, these issues at work are made even more difficult by how hard it can be to transition to home life afterwards. Many people are so busy on and off the clock that their relationships suffer or even end.

I use the most current research and assessment instruments to customize treatment to the specific needs of each individual client. I help my clients increase productivity, while decreasing anxiety and feelings of burnout.

I start by providing a safe and therapeutic environment where we can discuss your needs and expectations for therapy. I understand the importance of making a connection with your therapist and I work hard to establish a trusting and respectful relationship with all of my clients.

To get a better understanding of the way I do therapy, please feel free to listen to this 45-minute podcast where I was interviewed about workplace burnout in the technology industry!

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